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TWELVElittle 12 Carry Love Tote Leopard – Very stylish Diaper Bag!

First of all, guys, do we want to talk about how cool this bag is? Aesthetically I love it! It’s totally different from the classic diaper bag or backpack I’m used to! I wear it quietly even now that my baby is not yet born and indeed, is much more comfortable than any bag, and the comfort of this bag does not spoil the aesthetics. I love the spotted! I love it, and this is my first animal print bag. First of all it is very light and weighs little more than a pound, the interior is very spacious and ideal for everyday use and for your belongings and those of your children. The material is resistant and durable to life, to everyday activities. The material is quilted polyester and is water resistant. It has a large front pocket, where I put my mobile phone and keys for example and then two external pockets for drinks. You will also find the shoulder strap that is long and adjustable. It has a hidden pocket on the bottom with zipper. And the closure is always with a thick and durable zip that makes it completely safe. It also has two internal elastic pockets for diapers or clothes, bottles or toys. There is another internal pocket with zipper and two other non-slip pockets. It also has a lining to be used as a portable changing table. it is free of chemical substances.


Price: $139.00. You will find it in many different colours: black, grey, fuchsia, silver, camouflage print, olive green and denim. There are also other models of tote and backpacks. You’re spoilt for choice. With the leopard print you will also find the backpack, I was very undecided even with the pink backpack … wonderful! You can also find unisex models that can also use our men, backpacks for children and small handbags. The TWELVElittle baby bags are specially designed to assist each parent at the right time and capture every experience with ease. Each bag is carefully designed with individual style, and designed with every practicality. Made of high quality water resistant fabrics, it is the perfect bag to carry everything you need for your child. It’s also the perfect accessory to be a stylish mom! TWELVElittle

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