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Stylewe Maxi floral dress – Cool!

Hi, girls. A few days ago I got this dress from Stylewe. I love this dress. It fits really well. She has a bodice that ends up around her hip and then comes down soft. It has a nice thick and shiny fabric and does not remain transparent at all. There is a slight “I can’t see” effect on the final part of the dress in the part where the lining ends, which remains shorter. It is long up to the feet, to walk a bit ‘uncomfortable, but I put it with the shoe low, with a heel you can walk very well. Very nice neckline at the heart of the bodice, I put it with the shoulder strap because I took a size M but I should have taken an xs / s (it’s a little big) but you can wear it without the shoulder strap and I prefer it without. It fits very well with a white Converce too. It is both elegant and sporty and I really love the white print fantasy with delicate blue, yellow and fuchsia flowers. They are super gritty. If you take a look at Stylewe’s website there is a wide range of articles, really every kind and every style. Stylewe

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