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Pretty Pokets Diaper Bag. Black version- Fashion, cool and Spacey! In love!

Hi, girls. How are you? Today I’m really excited to talk to you about this company! The package arrived yesterday, and I took the time to try it and today I’m here that with great enthusiasm I’m talking about this wonderful bag. The company is called Pretty Pockets. Think that the expedition was almost immediate, you can find them on Amazon. It was supposed to arrive on Monday, according to the tracking, but yesterday I found it in front of the door. Imagine happiness! In this way I had the opportunity to use it this weekend, to actually try its comfort and its capacity. This bag had impressed me a lot already seeing it on their site, it surprised me even more yesterday, when it arrived home. I start by talking about the material that is 100% vegan eco-leather but you would never say it, it seems real leather! And you know me now on how I think, why use the skin of an animal when there are now materials such as eco-leather that is cruelty-free especially, but then sometimes is also more durable and durable than real leather? Of course not all eco-leathers are the same but this one by Pretty Pockets is really sturdy and doesn’t give the idea of fake leather. Even the zips are sturdy and flow very well.

I chose it black, that I match it with everything but I was very undecided also in the burgundy/red version that was really beautiful. In addition, as a third color variant there was also a beige with the part above always burgundy so in double color, very special. And then on their site if you find yourself more comfortable with backpacks there are also very nice and comfortable ones. These we can find them in blue, black and camel color. I preferred among all the black bag because the backpack is more uncomfortable (at least to me) and then I already have one and between the aesthetics of the backpack and the bag I preferred the bag. It has a rather square shape of medium size, it is not huge but in its size there is really everything. I like this size because it is also a little more elegant and stylish. The details are gold with the logo at the center and a lot of pockets, twelve to be precise.

It has very wide handles, so you can carry it on your shoulder comfortably. On the front it has a pocket with a clip button, on this one there is the logo of the company in the middle; opening it remains very wide and the width of the pocket reaches the height of the bag. Inside it has two other elastic pockets. Externally on the corners of the bag remains curled and gives a lot of aesthetics to the bag, making it more fashionable, but does not take away the space to the pockets. always on the front has a small pocket with the zip just above the logo and I for example found it comfortable for the phone or keys. On the back it has two other pockets with zip, one more spacious and the other slightly lower. Now comes the beauty: the sides of this magnificent bag. On one side we find a zipper located on the bottom / end of the bag that serves to take everything you put on the bottom of the bag, which may be the diapers for example the most urgent thing and that you need to hand. So whether it’s the diapers or the mobile phone or the wallet (I now use it for the wallet), anything you place on that side of the bag, at the bottom, will be easily accessible without having to open the bag and “scrape” or dig in overturning everything to retrieve it (tell me how many never happened, with the phone or the keys especially). Very comfortable really!

And then we have the left side of our bag where there is a zip in the vertical direction, however, and a nice deep pocket. In this pocket I find the genius of this brand! You can use it leaving the zip closed as a simple side pocket super deep, inserting a bottle, but opening it you will find a hole in which to pass the roll of plastic bags. is absolutely brilliant! Apart from the bags that are always used for diapers I find this bag very comfortable even now that my Aurora is not yet born to take my dog for a walk, I have the bags for Albert always available and within reach. Also, since you already have a thousand spaces outside, you will need to open it very little.

The closure of the bag always remains on top with a zip and inside you will find 4 spacious elastic pockets. The interior is very simple structured to find everything and immediately. It is a mustard yellow color that will help you to see everything immediately. But the beautiful things are not finished yet girls, inside this bag find other 5 items. The first is the shoulder strap, which is always very useful. Although it is also comfortable carried on the shoulder when you wear it that you have to push the stroller with the shoulder strap you can have it on without it slipping or bother you or attach it to the stroller itself. Also in eco-leather and adjustable, the second object that you find inside is the portable changing table, black, very soft and padded and really great compared to others I’ve seen and this is an essential accessory for a bag for mothers.

Another object is the thermos to keep things cold or warm inside, in this case keeping the milk in the bottle at temperature and also it is eco leather with gold zipper and has a clip that you can attach even, if you prefer, to the outside of the bag so you have it at hand. They’ve thought of everything! And as the last object but which is divided into two objects, there is a small wallet, with a small zip on the front and a zip to open and close it.inside as the last object there is the credit card holder with 4 spaces plus a large opening above.

I don’t know if you can tell by the tone how happy I am to have received this bag. it is by far the coolest and most fashionable mother’s bag I have ever seen and had. I’ll tell you that I’ll put it on right now that I don’t have diapers to carry with me yet, because it has an aesthetic that I love and has all the accessories that make it comfortable to find everything! the bag arrived perfectly packaged with paper and with its envelope signed Pretty Pockets. They thought of any detail and any eventuality. You can find it either on their website PrettyPokets or on Amazon at the price of $ 148.00 both the bag and the backpack. Thanks Pretty Pokets! I’m thrilled!

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