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Pixi #SkinTreats – Love the Skin you are in!

Fourth post by Pixi. As soon as it arrives, I can’t wait to open it because every time this company amazes me. It’s like Christmas when one of its packages arrives! This time we move away from the makeup but this package is completely dedicated to the care of your face. We always notice how much love this company takes care of the details, the design and the smallest detail. Like most of the time the package is pink and of course green which is just the color of Pixi. I open the package and as you can see from the photos the package is made by clock and should fit into our daily routine this treatment. I understand that you may not have time in your everyday life to apply and maintain the mask but at least once a week it should be done. So girls take the time to devote to yourself and your skin with these simple and few moves you will already have a spectacular result! So enjoy your time with Pixi.

In the pack I found the DetoxifEye for eyes called DetoxifEye to detoxify price $24.00.And it comes in eye patches hydrogel and you will see the eyes and the under eyes immediately revived refreshed and rehydrated. It is an infusion of cucumber and gold to help soothe, nourish and fortify. It contains hyaluronic acid and caffeine l that smooth and purify, helping to reduce dark circles. Hydrogel patches provide moisture to the delicate eye contour. The pack contains 30 pairs. Apply on clean and dry skin, the thickest part should be on the outer corner, and leave on 10 minutes, the serum that remained patting it slightly. Use it every day or when you feel the need. Then there is the Glow Mud Mask from the price of only $ 6.00 per pack of 15 ml, mine is 45ml. A purifying and light-revealing clay mask to purify and balance the skin of the face takes just 15 minutes. Then there is the T-zone peel off mask with avocado, green tea, cucumber, aloe, bamboo extract, it is detoxifying and extracts impurities. Firms and refines tired skin. I recommend applying it twice a week, but the important thing is to put it only on the T-zone of the face thoroughly, let it dry and then gently remove. Do not put it on the eye area, lips, hairline. Do not use if your skin is irritated or sunburnt. The price is $22.00.

Then we find the Peel and Polish, thanks to the latter the skin emerges smoother and softer. It contains natural fruit enzymes that dissolve dead cells, exfoliates gently, shines, eliminates opacity and gives the skin a radiant appearance. It is paraben-free and is not tested on animals. Apply, leave on for two minutes and rinse. is suitable for all skin types. Price 24,00$. Finally, there are 3 packs of Glow Glycolic Boost. Which is a mas lightening and moisturizing effect. It contains the serum concentrate of glycolic acid and herbal extracts that help to improve and maintain skin health, promoting a brighter skin. Apply the mask after cleansing, adapt to the face and leave on for 10-15 minutes. The mask is made of biodegradable microfilm. So it also respects the planet.
See you in the next post from Pixi! I’ll keep you updated! #Pixi

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