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Pixi Beauty by Petra #PixiLove – Eye Reflections Shadow Palette

This is the third post I’ve dedicated to Pixi! And I do it with great pleasure, this box came to me last month. In addition to the colors of the palettes and brushes that are beautiful as usual I emphasize how much this brand is committed to the realization of these boxes. Super attention to every detail, super fashion and design. As usual among their colors can not miss the light green and pink that together the two colors create Pixi. This box set #PixiLove came to me right on Valentine’s Day, and as usual it made me very happy! If you want to buy them individually, the pallets are $ 24.00 each, a real bargain! The beauty of this company beyond the quality are undoubtedly the prices. That are really cheap for any wallet. Each one of the palettes contains twelve colors, with super silky mineral shadows and in several unique textures made to create the 3D effect with a few brush strokes, has long-lasting pigments, this palette contains everything, from creamy and bright tones, to metallic 3D, to opaque shades. These palettes have the task of illuminating, defining and revitalizing your face.


It contains the vitamin that nourishes and protects the eyelid of the eye so as not to dry it too much with the application of the eyeshadows. In addition, mica provides a shiny shine and then contains emollients that smooth and moisturize any type of skin. I love combining roses with browns or bronzed colors, or why not? Gold with powder or always combined with browns. Since my eyes are brown, I prefer these shades. And on these palettes I really have all the choice I need. Also the brush is easy to use and helps you with the application of the eye shadow and to create shades. Pixi

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