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PinkBlush Maternity Dress – Lavaner Lace Mesh – So Elegant!

As I told you girls, I’ll put on the second PinkBlush post. Do you remember that I got a package with two beautiful clothes? The first one was the water green one and this is what I told you about. It’s very elegant but I’ll tell you: not even exaggeratedly. I tried it before going out with both a beige pointed heel and he was very well but since even today I had to walk I opted to put it with a low sandal. It is really comfortable, soft, does not squeeze anywhere, with a little wind the skirt flutters but not too much because the fabric tends to be thick enough, between the lining and the lace. You feel that it is a quality dress. It was born just for us pregnant women because of the cut tends to go down straight and so do not mark neither belly nor hips.

I love the color. is one of the reasons why I chose it over the lace. Very particular is the cut of the sleeve. It remains a very soft sleeve and the cut of the decollete is beautiful and tends to enhance the breast. The fabric is polyester and it is recommended to wash it by hand. The price of this dress is $ 95.00. You can also find it in black, white, light blue, burgundy, powder and pink. It has beautiful scalloped finishes, semi-transparent bell-shaped sleeves and back, V-neck and hidden zipper. The bust and skirt have a double lining so you totally avoid transparency. PinkBlush

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