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Nursery details – Grey & White. What do you think guys?

Hello Girls! Today it’s all morning that I move, undo, do, respond again, set up and rearrange everything! Let me explain better … as I have already mentioned in some posts, unfortunately I do not have the nursery (the room dedicated to the baby) so I set up a corner in our bedroom that fortunately is large enough and every now and then I like to see how they are all the games put together with the cradle, and all the things of the baby, and then I start to set up to imagine how it will be when all those games will really serve me. So I took most of the things I keep in my closets and set up the nursery/games room.

I think next year we will move into a bigger house so I already like to imagine the furniture of the nursery that as you know, despite being the room of entertainment, I want it stylish, design, beautiful and clean without mixing too many colors between them. And here are some shots I took today. I wanted you to see them! Tinylannd’s tent is spectacular and I would like to keep it open always but having little space for now I have to keep it in the closet and then pull it out at the birth of the baby. There are still 5 months to the birth of the baby, let’s see here at 5 months how much more will change. I think the wooden details are wonderful! However the bassinet is by DeltaChildren, the tepee is by Tinyland, the blanket in the same fantasy as the tepee, 100% cotton is by LivingTexiles, the wooden game and the wall felt balls are by HappyToys, the Koala Plush is by BlaBlakids and the rattle shaped like a milk bottle is by Monochrome.

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