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White Nivå Sudio wireless earphones- Super elegant and great sound!

These days I’ve been getting these fantastic earphones by Nivå Sudio. Since I have received them, I always wear them in practice. They are really comfortable. There are earphones and earphones, I’ve tried many of them and usually I find it hard to keep them up because they are uncomfortable for me. But these are really comfortable. Working a lot on the computer usually or I avoided answering the phone or put it on speakerphone, but having my husband who works from home I always risked to disturb him, now no problem, also I always make long walks with my dog Albert, during which I often call my mom or my friends, I was saying enough to the mobile phone leaning against my ear!



They charge in a very short time only in 10 minutes and full charge in one hour. When you put them in your ears and hold down the button there is a voice telling you that they are ON. They connect with Bluetooth in no time. They can stay three and a half hours in use before they need to be charged. It’s a swedish design. The audio is really great! The expedition was very fast, in three days I received them. The great thing about this company is its design. These earphones are super modern and fashionable. Starting with the outer package. The box of the earphones is white and super light with the logo engraved on it. Minimalist style. I choose the color white with the rose gold buttons, there are also black and pink. Now one more thing to keep in your bag, but I’m happy because they improve the lifestyle, take up very little space and are ultra-light. The package also includes the cable to charge them, the change of the rubber cap and the warranty certificate. I can’t do without them anymore!

Price $109.00

Visit the website Sudio

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