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Myro Deodorant – Never again without!

Now I want to talk about Myro, my new design deodorant, as I like to call it. Already because it has over a thousand qualities that now I will explain, it is super design and is also very well placed on the shelf or on the top of your bathroom. I chose it in the grey version because my bathroom is all grey but it comes in many colours: pink, beige, blue, red and grey. But in addition to the beautiful minimalist aesthetics of Muro, let’s move on to the most important thing! it’s 100% natural! But the question is: does it work? Already because I’ve tried so many of the best 100% natural brands that didn’t work and made me sweat as if I hadn’t put on the deodorant, so practically useless! I always said to my husband, natural things are fine, but the deodorant must perform its function and since after so many tests I have never found that for me, rather than sweat I have always preferred the “chemist” in the case of deodorant and he knows it well, since it reminds me every morning how bad it hurts the type of deodorant that I use with various alumina and other dangerous ingredients. That’s why I chose to try Muro, especially now that I’m pregnant and I want to ingest but also put on my skin the most natural products possible, since this time I do not just for myself.

I took some time to try it out and I have to say that instead of sweating it releases its wonderful fragrance throughout the day. You have various choices as a fragrance. However Muro does not contain aluminum, parabens and sodium bicarbonate. It contains barley powder to keep you drier, is not tested on animals and releases its fragrance in the temp. Contains ingredients from plants, is eco friendly. In fact, the wonderful thing about this deodorant is that it is refillable, ie the outer packaging you keep it and when it ends you only contract the refill and then the internal roll, being able to change each time fragrance, in this way you a 50% less plastic, which is very important, since our world and our seas are now submerged by plastic. The less you use, the better! It also has a watertight closure to prevent you from opening in the bag, because of its shape is easy to find in the bag and the package is dishwasher safe. Thanks to Muro, for a healthier world! Myro

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