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Luno Sitting Ball Chair from Vivora: change the way you sit!

Just today I got this particular chair. It is nothing more than an inflatable ball on which you sit as if it were an armchair. The assembly is really simple, it only takes 10 minutes to inflate it. The important thing is that it is inflated well so that it has the shape of a ball and that the canvas is nice pulled. yes because if you leave it softer the effect is not beautiful, it is crumpled and instead the final effect should not have even a fold. is available in many different colors and also the version for children. I chose dark grey because it matches perfectly with the colors of my room.


Today I tried to use it and it is very comfortable both to sit and as a pouf to rest your feet. My little dog Albert obviously adored it and is still convinced that it is not part of the furniture of the house but that it is his toy or rather a huge toy all his own. My husband instigates him to play with it but the canvas is so thick that I have no doubt that it can break even if you sit on it a person of large size. Basically, what is Luno? It’s like a yoga ball but dressed, covered to be part of the furniture of your home and make it special. Why not? It can still be used for sport!

For more information visit the Vivora‘s website

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