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LuLaRoe Long Skirt in Floral Pattern – Gipsy style

Also this weekend I got to wear an article by LuLaRoe. It’s this beautiful skirt. I love the fantasy that is why I chose it, on a blue background, flowered with green, white and purple flowers. It matches very easily I find it beautiful with white, as I wore it. Very beautiful with something short that lets you glimpse the belly. I tried it with something longer to refund inside but it made me big. This is because the skirt remains alive already low, and with this wide cut already feels not to slim down, let’s say. If you take a look at my previous posts, this skirt is the same model as the skirt in leopard print. In that case I had worn it by putting it on a high waist. This time I wore it as it should be.

The lacing is very, very uncomfortable, I still did not understand if I put it right! I would have produced it with an elastic waistband, it would have been more comfortable. It’s nice, fresh and very light, it flutters in the wind. Very nice the length does not reach the ground to be uncomfortable and risk stumbling. It looks great even with the white Converse! Saturday was really hot but remains really cool and comfortable. I love the combination with green mirrored glasses. The skirt remains pleated, with a bow at the waist. The fabric is polyester, is to be washed in cold water and is not to be ironed. This type of fabric is beautiful because it does not crumple. I took a size s but despite being in the fifth month of pregnancy I am enormous. So take 1/2 sizes less even if it is not elastic, but this brand tends to dress too big. Turning back I would take all xs. LuLaRoe

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