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LuLaRoe leopard print maxi Skirt

Good Saturday girls… today was a nice day after cloudy days here in Miami there was the sun and I spent a nice Saturday afternoon taking a walk on the sea. Today I wore for the first time this skirt of LuLaRoe, that as I anticipated in other posts had sent me a couple of weeks ago seven clothes to review. I have already told you about the company. I repeat some fundamental things: it is a company that has a very particular style, very colorful if you take a look at the site you will understand what I mean! I selected a little more sober clothes, let’s say that they were more in my taste… and how can I say no to a leopard skirt? So without a doubt as soon as I saw it I put it in the cart. From the site it seemed to remain a little shorter and fluttering but it is still very beautiful. The other thing I wanted to tell you about this brand is that it really dresses a lot, so girls always buy or one if not two sizes a minus. Realize that I bring a small one and now that I’m in the fifth month of pregnancy I was afraid it was even narrow, but despite the tummy that is increasing more and more when I put it on the side was very, very wide. So I pulled her up to the waist and I practically made a double turn of the lace to use her high waist. But the skirt was born with a low waist, to be worn right on the side, but to be honest nn made me crazy, made me big and nn it is my pregnancy belly, but just the cut of the skirt that even covered perfectly my tummy but coming down straight widened my side and made more of a “gypsy” effect.

So I revolutionized it, let’s say, by putting it on a high waist and that’s how I like it. Another thing: I absolutely didn’t like the closure, it’s very difficult to get rid of it and I still wonder if I fastened it right. You just can’t tell how to put it on. I got the same skirt with two different prints and the other one I’ll post in another post. I thought maybe one of them arrived unsuccessful or with the wrong closing but instead with both of them I spent more than ten minutes in front of the mirror not understanding how to put it on. It doesn’t make life easy, let’s say. For the rest it has a beautiful animal print and goes very well with everything, I put it with a simple sandal and a black tank top. I think black is the only color I’d put on it.

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