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Kikki and Franki Customize your Name Wall Decor – Aurora

As I anticipated girls in the package a few weeks ago received Kikki and Franki, I had received two wall decorations, the first was the inscription “I’m a dreamer” which I told you about in the pretende post, and the other masterpiece of art is this beautiful inscription with the name of my little girl. I could not publish them at the same time because we had not yet communicated to anyone the very important choice of name to family friends, so first I wanted to say it rightly in private to everything and then I would publish the long-awaited name of my baby. So now you all know the decision, it’s called Aurora, a princess name, as it should be. This wall writing is made of high quality wood and is created with a laser engraving directly on the piece of wood. You can create your custom name by going to the site of Kikki and Franki (which are then the names of the children of the creators of this brand), go to the shop section, customize your name, and from there you can choose the variations or the name with a long arrow underneath otherwise the most classic as the one I chose, Also in this case you have 12 fonts to choose from, mine is number 12, italics, elegant and sophisticated and a wide range of colors at your disposal, mine, combined with the previous writing is always silvery mirror effect, which illuminates the room and wall of its own light. And it makes the room brighter. It really furnishes a lot, especially if like me you have solid-colored walls and very bare, definitely gives a touch more!

The delivery was made by the courier DHL and was fast. The package comes from South Africa and is a small company that creates 99% of your items from start to finish. They also have other products such as the Milestone blanket, or wallpaper or removable wall decorations. It is an excellent decoration and design company that creates custom items, exactly as you would like them. KikkiandFranki

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