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Fashion Mia Maxi Pink dress- with green details

Here I am, girls! Today, since it’s Sunday and it’s the absolute day of relaxation, where I had a nice walk with my husband and my dog Albert, I got to put on the second dress of Fashion Mia that I had already anticipated yesterday in the first post I had arrived, this, along with another one. And here I am! The style is just what I like, cut own empire style has a narrow band right under the breast. I warn you the band is not elastic so take your usual size no smaller. This dress has a nice fit, I chose it among many for the color! As you know I love pink (just look at my blog) but in my closet I have very little pink, indeed bright pink like this is the first one that enters my closet. I dedicated myself more to buying powder pink clothes. The color is really super summery and makes it look like a candy. The particular part is definitely its cut on the front with the neckline open in the middle of the breasts. Nice! But unfortunately I fill it a little, even though I have (now that I’m pregnant) a beautiful third. It is definitely to be filled more so girls with a beautiful abundant breast this is the dress for you, also because it is not absolutely vulgar. I have heard too often friends, or however people with abundant breasts almost hide it for shame of their prosperity. And I understand, but to a certain extent…this is not the kind of dress that will make you feel vulgar or out of place. 


Very beautiful also the lacing behind the neck with a button that with a bit of patience you will be able to fasten yourself on your own … I have succeeded! And surely the most important thing about this dress to detach a little from all that pink is the strip with a white background with a fantasy on the green. It looks great just for the part that comes off and then allows you to wear white, green or silver shoes. It always depends if you want it elegant or sporty. Also this time I have focused on casual. Also because I would like to see you walking kilometers and kilometers, miles on miles with your dog in heels… even not! Anyway the fabric is synthetic but it’s still fresh this one too, having the soft cut you don’t feel it on, I just felt a bit the band that is not elasticated. A nice length, not too long, not too short, does not slip under your feet to walk and keeps your legs hidden just enough having that effect I see but I do not see.Beautiful also the back so half naked.Why buy from Fashion Mia? Take a look at the prices and then we’ll talk about it! FahionMia

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