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Sarà l’Aurora – Will be (L’) Aurora

Girls! Sorry if I share this news with you only now! It’s been a few days since we finally decided on the actual name or indeed perhaps the most correct term is to say that my husband has “given birth” finally this important decision! As I have already mentioned in some posts, since I was […]

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This is the famous post I’ve been waiting for months and months to share with you girls!  I was looking forward to knowing about the baby’s sex and being able to share it with relatives and friends and of course also with you.  Those who are pregnant like me or those who were pregnant, will […]

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Confession of a Fashion Blogger – Part one

Now, after reflecting a bit, I decided to publish this post. I’m honest I didn’t know whether or not to do it, if it was right or if it was better to keep things so intimate for me. But in the end I thought that given the emotion that it was for me, it will […]

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