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Fashion Mia White Fringed Dress- Super cool!

Now, I don’t know what you think guys. But I find this dress absolutely divine. I chose it for its particularity and I couldn’t wait for it to come and see if it was really dressed as well as I had seen on the site. And what can I say? It didn’t disappoint me at all! Although I am in the fifth month of pregnancy the straight cut that has this dress and especially the fringes that distinguish the dress, cover any bacon or physical imperfection you think you have. So super approved fit. Even this synthetic material but slips so close that it does not stick and does not make you sweat. When you walk or get some wind, the effect of the thin bangs that move is beautiful. Very beautiful is also the big silver shoulder strap and together with the dress there is also an elastic band always silver that you can wear to emphasize your waist. I wore it without it because I wanted a soft effect.


I tried this with sports shoes but I didn’t like it, so I would wear either a low sandal or a heel, obviously with a heel this kind of dress makes much more! I really like the final part where the lining stops and there is the piece where there is only the fringe. Very comfortable and the nice thing is that even the back is identical to the front full of fringes. I’ve seen a lot of clothes around that had the fringes only on the front and back maybe they were marking. Super approved also this third dress of Fashion Mia! As I have often told you it is a company that focuses everything on the very low price range but has stylish and fashionable clothes. In addition to white you can also find it in black. FashionMia

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