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LuLaRoe Pleated black skirt – Multipurpose!

And here I am with the fourth post of LuLaRoe. I will not tell you more about the company because if you want to know more just go and review my previous post. I had the chance to put on this black pleated skirt of this brand towards evening. I find it fantastic! It has a waistband, so it’s like it’s almost a one-size-fits-all size and it’s very versatile. And very simple and dedicated, very soft fabric flutters while walking, it has an excellent length not too long, not too short, very nice pleated, versatile for all occasions, it’s up to you to see how to match it. With a jeweled heel it remains also very elegant with the Converse it remains more gritty and sporty. It looks good on any occasion, it’s fresh and light. It tends to cover any defect, with the cut that has hides very well even my belly from fifth month of pregnancy! Super opaque, you can’t even see the slightest glimpse of the linen you wear. 

Nor is it really worth it, I think it will be a must in my wardrobe even now that I’m leaving for Italy I’ll definitely put it in my suitcase with me. Because it’s comfortable, versatile, both day and night, it’s up to you to create the right match, but with her you can’t go wrong! I really liked this skirt! Simplicity sometimes beats everything! LuLaRoe

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